Caring Baskets by Design
Caring Baskets, to ease the pain of those undergoing the cancer
 treatment journey or to show someone you "care".

Caring Baskets by Design is the inspirational answer to easing the treatment journey of those undergoing cancer care therapies, their caregivers and anyone looking for all-natural healthy products! We at Caring Baskets know the unpleasant side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy in our own families. Our care baskets offer healing and therapeutic solutions to soothe the body, mind, and soul.

                                                 Remember, you can order a whole basket or just individual products.          
                                                                            Let us help you, soothe those you love

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Our Vision is to give each Inflammatory Breast Cancer patient a wonderful, healing care gift! Please see the About Us and Breast Cancer Info page for more information on this rare, very aggressive and deadly type of breast cancer. As we grow we would like to be able to offer baskets to any cancer patient so please spread the word and get those donations coming!

I was interviewed by my local news Ch. 7 - Glenda Lewis!
Caring Baskets on Local ABC Ch. 7